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Restoring Your Antique Furniture

Antique furniture appeals to millions of people throughout the world. Reasons for this broad-based appeal run the gamut from aesthetic appreciation and monetary considerations to general historical interest and the chance to have a personal connection to the past. If you own antique pieces, chances are you want to maintain them in the best possible condition.

To achieve this condition, you typically need the services of restoration expert who specializes in preserving the appearance of your furniture while correcting any underlying issues. In the Chicagoland area, the gold standard for antique furniture rehabilitation is Brad’s Furniture Restoration. Regardless of your furniture’s style and historical era, our staff of dedicated experts combines old-world techniques and modern processes to produce a restoration outcome that meets the most exacting requirements for quality and care.

Upholstery Furniture Repair

Upholstery is a prominent feature of many types of contemporary and antique furniture. In addition to making chairs, sofas and other kinds of seats more comfortable, this furniture-making technique can greatly increase the beauty of your pieces and help you customize the look of your home. Unfortunately, upholstery typically decreases in appearance and quality when used over time.

A professional reupholstering job can restore your furniture to its former look, or give you the chance to try out new looks and change your décor. The refurbishing experts at Brad’s Furniture can help you every step of the way as you reupholster your pieces or add upholstery to bare furniture.

Color Matching and Staining

Wood staining is one of the most common techniques used in furniture refinishing. When expertly done, an application of stain can completely transform the look of your antique or contemporary pieces and add considerable beauty to your entire home. Frequently, you must color match your refinished furniture in order to achieve just the right look for you décor. Count on the color matching and staining professionals at Brad’s Furniture to restore all of your furniture pieces to their ideal appearance.

Caning and Rushing Restoration

Caning and rushing are two styles used for giving chairs a seat, or a back, that are slightly flexible and more comfortable than plain wood, without using upholstery. Both methods use readily available natural materials that, in the hands of a skilled craftsman, give a very durable, attractive, and comfortable seat and chair back.

The use of local materials results in differences in patterns, textures, and colors. While a properly crafted rush seat can last up to 60 years, over a period of many years, the cane or rush can become stretched, stained or damaged. The highly skilled experts at Brad’s Furniture  can restore your chairs to perfect condition while maintaining the integrity to the look and feel of your furniture.

Custom Furniture for You

Have you ever seen that almost perfect piece of furniture that you would want – if only it were a different size, or color, or of a slightly different style? Maybe what you are looking for does not exist. It is an idea that you have: a piece that would be just perfect for your home. If you have ever felt this way, you should talk to the design team at Brad’s Furniture Restoration, and see how we can construct that piece for you so that it meets your exact needs.

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